Ed Sheeran Being Sued $20M for Photograph


Ed Sheeran Being Sued $20M for Photograph

UPDATE 4/11/2017: According to The Guardian Ed Sheeran made a deal.

Ed Sheeran has reached a deal to end a $20m (£13.8m) lawsuit over his 2014 track Photograph, a song alleged to have been “copied” from a single released by a winner of The X Factor in 2012.

The musician was accused of “note-for-note” copying from a song called Amazing, which was released by the reality TV show winner Matt Cardle five years ago. Songwriters Thomas Leonard and Martin Harrington sued Sheeran, accusing him of “unabashedly taking credit” for their work.

While details of the settlement were not revealed in the court papers, an order signed by judge James Selna at a California court on Monday said the case had been dismissed after an agreement had been reached between the parties. A spokesperson for Sheeran has not responded to the Guardian’s request for comment.

See the original post below:

Nobody is safe anymore these days. According to news sources Ed Sheeran is being hit with a $20M copyright lawsuit over his song “Photograph”. Matt Cardle is claiming a strong similarity in the chorus of his song “Amazing” (2012) and Sheeran’s 2015 track “Photograph”. Have a listen to both:

Ed Sheeran - "Photograph" (2015)
Matt Cardle - "Amazing" (2012)

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Sia “Cheap Thrills” sounds like Toto “Africa”

Submitted by David

Sia has been killing it. Her songs are great and her videos are super original. I was certainly curious when David sent this comparison in and I definitely heard the musical similarity in Toto‘s 1982 “Africa” as well. Have a listen to Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” with this classic from Toto. Just focus your ears on the chord progression:

SIA - "Cheap Thrills" (2016)

Toto - "Africa" (1982)

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