Rage Against The Machine vs. Led Zeppelin

Rage Against the Machine vs. Led Zeppelin

Submitted by Andy

Rage Against The Machine - "Wake Up" (1992)

Led Zeppelin - "Kashmir" (1975)

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19 thoughts on “Rage Against The Machine vs. Led Zeppelin

  1. avataraeris

    OMG thank you whoever posted this!!! I had always been trying to figure out where Rage Against the Machine got that riff from, but could never quite place it.


  2. avatarMarco

    Puff Daddy’s Come With Me sounds just like these songs too.



    bmz Reply:

    That’s cuz Puffy pdiddly doo dah rips off of everyone.


  3. avatarEthan

    I think Puff Daddy actually directly copied Kashmir, most likely with permission from Led Zeppelin. I might be wrong though…


  4. avatarKiel

    “I think Puff Daddy actually directly copied Kashmir, most likely with permission from Led Zeppelin. I might be wrong though…”

    Yes, Jimmy Page actually played the song live with Puff Diddy Combs


  5. avatarChris

    Kashmir has like 5-7 chords in that progression and Wake Up has max 3 that may or may not be the same. Kashmir also isnt in standard tuning I believe. Anyone who plays guitar can tell that most of the ripoffs on these sites are bogus and posted by people who know absolutely nothing about music.



    Zac Reply:

    I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years and if you can’t see the similarities in these songs then maybe it’s you who knows nothing about music.


  6. avatarMeow

    @ Chris

    The title of this website is “that song sounds like”. Not “this band ripped this other band off”.

    And anyone who plays guitar (well) would know that it is totally irrelevant how the guitar is tuned; you can still be playing in the exact same key with the exact same chord progression. So stop making yourself a fool by claiming other’s lack of musical knowledge.



    john Reply:

    while the title says “that song sounds like” and not “this band ripped this other band off” some comments on this site seem to imply otherwise, like zac’s comment, who says chris knows nothing about music when zac himself might be the one who doesn’t know about music


  7. avatarleo

    Sorry meow, but you’re wrong.
    Otherwise, why people wolud tune a guitar differently if ”it’s irrelevant”?
    I do ply guitar (maybe not that well) but I tell you it’s impossible to play kashir on standard tune.


  8. avatarTrevor

    Tunings, while not completely irrelevant, are of little importance when discussing sonic similarities in music. And it is not “impossible” to play Kashmir in standard (EADGBE) tuning – as opposed to DADGAD, the tuning used by Jimmy Page for that song. Granted, it’s difficult, but with the exception of the low D during the main riff and the high, droning A during the descending riff.

    Now, as far as these two songs sounding similar, I’d have to agree. However, by no means would I accuse Rage of ripping Zeppelin off.


  9. avatarGretchen

    I’m happy that, for once, Zeppelin wasn’t the one doing the ripping off-ing.



    Viv Reply:

    How Old are you Gretchen to post such a comment for Led


  10. avatarMaxwell Waters

    What’s a much more obvious ripoff: the guitar riff from Megadeth’s “Hangar 18” is EXACTLY the same as “Kashmir.”


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