Usher vs. Hilary Duff


Ok, ok… I was at the gym and this Hilary Duff track came on the tv. I was working out really hard and stuff. Do you hear that keyboard melody?

Usher - "Yeah!" (2004)

Hilary Duff - "With Love" (2007)

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6 thoughts on “Usher vs. Hilary Duff

  1. avatarTravis

    hilary’s 2014 track: all about you

    i been off a bit lately.. but everytime i hear this track i can only think of 1 thing



    Keith Reply:

    I like it!



    Travis Reply:

    funny thing is..

    i did a little searching after posting this..

    i cant find any mention of the similarities ANYWHERE.

    maybe those that listen to hilary dont know chely.. lol..


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