Tears for Fears vs. Jawbox


In 1993 Tears for Fears released the track “Break it Down Again”. One year later Jawbox‘s amazing song “Savory” hit MTV. Although the Tears track lacks the same hypnotic grind there are some similarities that I cannot deny.

Tears for Fears - "Break it Down Again" (1993)

Jawbox - "Savory" (1994)

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7 thoughts on “Tears for Fears vs. Jawbox

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  2. avatarKeith Post author

    @t. mohney Yeah, I admit this one is definitely a stretch. I love both of these songs and whenever I hear one I can’t help thinking of the other though.


  3. avatarTravis

    its somewhat there

    maybe jawbox was listening to it

    but i think it was changed enough



    Keith Reply:

    Heh. Yeah.. I just love “Savory” and needed an excuse to listen to this riff over and over again 😉


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