Guns N’ Roses vs. Ulrich Schnauss


This one popped up in the news today.

Ulrich Schnauss, a German electronic artist, filed suit against Guns N’ Roses, saying that its song “Riad N’ the Bedouins” includes unauthorized samples of his tracks “Wherever You Are” and “A Strangely Isolated Place.” But in a statement, the manager Irving Azoff said that the band “vigorously contests these claims.”

source: New York Times

Hear for yourself:

Ulrich Schnauss - "Wherever You Are" (2001)

Guns N' Roses - "Riad N' the Bedouins" (1994-2008?)

Ulrich Schnauss - "A Strangely Isolated Place" (2003)

Guns N' Roses - "Riad N' the Bedouins" (1994-2008?)

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9 thoughts on “Guns N’ Roses vs. Ulrich Schnauss

  1. avatarRocket

    There are way too many similarities between the 2 songs and as much as I love GNR they can try and deny the originality of their music all they want but I don’t buy it. “Wherever You Are” – Ulrich Schauss’s song was a direct ripjob from whomever GNR directly or indirectly stole the riff from.

    Hope they have a $Million in the bank.




  2. avatarJohn

    The songs are absolutely different but those part are absolutely the same thing… with some sounds recorded over… Axl… pay attention next time… 😉


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