Love Spit Love vs. Matt Nathanson

January 3rd, 2010 by


Submitted by Michael

The vocal melody in Matt Nathanson‘s 2003 track “Bent” sounds a lot like Love Spit Love‘s 1994 track “Am I Wrong”. Have a listen:

Love Spit Love - "Am I Wrong" (1994)

Matt Nathanson - "Bent" (2003)

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5 Responses to “Love Spit Love vs. Matt Nathanson”

  1. avatarenrique says:

    wow, VERY similar


  2. avatarhjsfh says:

    you are retarded those were completely different


  3. avatarTravis says:

    vocals does match up a bit

    “am i wrong” though sounds like something else i cant place


  4. avatarJavier says:

    pink’s just like a pill.


  5. avatarTravis says:

    if “just like a pill” is like this

    then unwritten law “up all night” is like it to


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