Kesha vs. Kylie Minogue


Great find by Caroline.

You’ve probably heard Kesha‘s (aka Ke$ha) “Tik Tok” at least once a day for the past six months in a shopping mall, on the radio, at the gym or on your iPod. You might have thought to yourself, “Hm. This sounds like a song from like seven or eight years ago” and you’re right! Check out Kylie Minogue‘s 2002 track “Love At First Sight”.

Ke$ha - "Tik Tok" (2009)

Kylie Minogue - "Love At First Site" (2002)

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6 thoughts on “Kesha vs. Kylie Minogue

  1. avatarmcc

    “Love at first sight” still sounds to me exactly like Stardust (guy from Daft Punk)’s “Music Sounds Better With You”.



    Keith Reply:

    That’s a good one! I’ll add that soon.


  2. avatardxman

    I always thought that Tik Tok sounded more like Clapton’s Forever Man than any other song that came before Tik Tok.


  3. avatarZeno Vara

    The origin of this was a Chaka Khan song “fate”. DaftPunk looped a few bars and came up with “The music sounds better with you”. Then Kylie, then Kesha.


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