Dinosaur Jr. vs. Stereophonics

Adam points out the similarity of the main riff in Stereophonic‘s 1998 “Pick a Part That’s New” and the interlude speed up riff in Dinosaur Jr.‘s 1994 “Feel the Pain”. Check it out!

Dinosaur Jr. - "Feel the Pain" (1994)

Stereophonics - "Pick a Part That's New" (1998)

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3 thoughts on “Dinosaur Jr. vs. Stereophonics

  1. avatarcasi

    these riffs, especially the Dinosaur Jr riff, are also very similar to a guitar line that came up a few years later in a song off of Brendan Benson’s 2005 release “Spit It Out Now”. it sounds very similar to the opening riff and also at 1:59 into the song. A homage to one of the preeminent indie bands of the 90s maybe??



    Keith Reply:

    Great find casi! I just posted this here:


  2. avatarJennifer

    Is it just me or does anyone else notice the similarities between these songs and The Cure’s 1989 song “Pictures of You?”


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