Surfer Blood vs. Arcade Fire vs. Twin Peaks

Florida’s Surfer Blood put out a great debut album this year. There are a few parts on there that I just can’t shake. The following is for their track “Harmonix”.

The guitar harmonics part reminds me so much of Arcade Fire’s 2005 track “Neighborhood #2 (Laïka)”. Check it out:

Surfer Blood - "Harmonix" (2010)

Arcade Fire - "Neighborhood #2 (Laïka)" (2005)

I probably wouldn’t have posted this one but since one of Surfer Blood’s tracks is entitled “Twin Peaks” I figured there was something there. Here’s the ending half of “Harmonix” with a great part in the Twin Peaks theme. This is also the second time the Twin Peaks theme has made it to the site.

Surfer Blood - "Harmonix" (2010)

Angelo Badalamenti - "Falling (Twin Peaks Theme)" (1990)

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