Van Halen vs. Dio


This is the first of many that Gustavo has submitted to me. I was particularly excited about this one since the signature guitar riff in  Van Halen‘s “Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love” (1978) was one of the first things I learned to play on guitar. Although I think the first time I heard it was  a sample in a 2 Live Crew song (I’ll let you discover the title yourself). Gustavo suggests that Dio‘s “Rainbow in the Dark” (1983) sounds pretty similar to the main Halen riff. Have a listen.

Van Halen - "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" (1978)

Dio - "Rainbow in the Dark" (1983)

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7 thoughts on “Van Halen vs. Dio

  1. avatarJay

    You could probably do a funny medley of “Rainbow in the Dark,” “No One Like You” by the Scorpions and “Smooth” by Santana…



    Keith Reply:



  2. avatarMark Adams

    The title line of Rainbow in the Dark also sounds like I’ll do my Crying in the Rain by Buddy Holly and Hold the Line by Toto. It also reminds me of the sax lines from Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty, which were taken from Half a Heart by a Jazz-Rock guy whose name I can’t remember.



    Mark Adams Reply:

    Rainbow in the Dark also sounds kind of like For No One by The Beatles.


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