Hannah Montana vs. Lustra


Thanks to Dawn and her 8th grade music class in Gahanna, Ohio for sending this in.

We’ve seen Hannah Montana’s alter ego (or is it the other way around?) on here a few times already. In 2006 the band Lustra released a song for the teen comedy “EuroTrip” called “Scotty Doesn’t Know”.  In 2007 Hannah Montana released “Rock Star”.  According to this 2008 article on MTV Lustra had considered legal action but I can’t seem to find a follow up to this.  Have a listen:

Lustra - "Scotty Doesn't Know" (2006)

Hannah Montana - "Rock Star" (2007)

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8 thoughts on “Hannah Montana vs. Lustra

  1. avatarMisterVader

    I think Avril’s “Best Damn Thing” can fit into this trifecta, too. As a dj, we mixed these three songs and they almost flow seamlessly into each other.


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