UPDATE: Radiohead vs. The Hollies vs. Reamonn

This is an update to Radiohead vs. The Hollies. Mirela points out Reamonn‘s “Only When You Sleep”. Wow. They are all quite similar.

The Hollies - "The Air That I Breathe" (1974)
Radiohead - "Creep" (1992)
Raemonn - "Only When You Sleep" (2001)

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4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Radiohead vs. The Hollies vs. Reamonn

  1. avatarMark Adams

    Fly Away from Here by Aerosmith (2001) sounds like Creep, as do Baby Tell Me I’m the Only One by Thirsty Merc (2005) and both Wild One and Missing You by Green Day (2012).


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