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Submitted by Joseph

Check out "Twist of Cain" from Danzig's 1988 debut Danzig followed by Led Zeppelin's rendition of  "In My Time of Dying Buy Armour Without Prescription, ". According to the Wikipedia entry the first known recorded version of  "In My Time of Dying" can be traced back to 1924 and titled "Jesus Goin' A-Make Up My Dying Be", order Armour from mexican pharmacy. Where can i find Armour online, [mini_player audio="/music/danzig-twist-of-cain.mp3" artist="Danzig" track="Twist of Cain" year="1988"]
[mini_player audio="/music/led_zeppelin-in-my-time-of-dying_live.mp3" artist="Led Zeppelin" track="In My Time of Dying" year="1975"]. Where can i order Armour without prescription. Fast shipping Armour. Where can i buy Armour online. Rx free Armour. Buy Armour without a prescription. Armour overnight. Armour maximum dosage. Armour treatment. Armour price, coupon. Armour images. Effects of Armour. Low dose Armour. Armour interactions. Order Armour from United States pharmacy. Armour samples. Armour long term. Armour pictures. Buy Armour online no prescription. Buy no prescription Armour online. Armour from mexico. Where can i find Armour online. Armour coupon. Armour price. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Where can i cheapest Armour online. Armour over the counter. Armour street price. Online buying Armour. My Armour experience. Online buying Armour hcl. Armour reviews. Armour alternatives. Order Armour from mexican pharmacy.

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2 thoughts on “Buy Armour Without Prescription

  1. avatarWil

    Haha that’s really funny,
    Led Zepelin ripped of almost al of the songs on their first album and songs on other albums of them too !!
    Hahahaha, I’m still laughing hahahahaha


  2. avatarMarsHottentot

    I actually have a theory. Most of Def Jam / Def American ‘rock’ records are chock full of ‘TSSL’ moments – on pourpose. Back in the 80’s, one of the biggest complaints that people – rock musicians in particular – had with Rap artists was the art of sampling. In their eyes, sampling was lazy at best, theft at worst.

    Rick Rubin, THE hot Rap producer of his day (and a rock fan to boot) did an experiment and proved a concept (to my ears, at least): good riffs and hooks work regardless of whether or not they’re original, you get them off of wax, or out of a guitar.

    Ultimately, the success of much of Rubin’s productions of the late 80’s / early 90’s can be attributed to his Hip Hop sensibility, AC/DC “Back In Black” styled bone dry production, pared down drum beats and appropriation of classic rock riffs, melodies and, occasionally, lyrics. There’s a post here, for sure.

    The Cult – Electric

    Danzig – Danzig

    Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magik (try Give It Away / Black Sabbath’s ‘Sweet Leaf’ and ‘Under The Bridge’ and Rolling Stones ‘Beast Of Burden’ in the vocal melody)

    Wolfsbane – Live Fast, Die Fast

    The Four Horseman – Nobody Said it Was Easy

    Etc. Etc.


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