Kids on a Crime Spree vs. The Ramones

August 22nd, 2011 by

Andy introduced me to Kids On A Crime Spree the other day. I like it. But the vocal hook on “To Mess With Dynamite” is almost identical to The Ramones “Judy is a Punk”. I’m assuming this has to be some sort of homage.

Kids on a Crime Spree - "To Mess With Dyamite" (2011)

The Ramones - "Judy is a Punk" (1976)

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3 Responses to “Kids on a Crime Spree vs. The Ramones”

  1. avatarmatt says:

    Yeah, really sounds like it. Whether it’s a ‘homage’ or just rip-off, I don’t know.


  2. avatarTravis says:

    some reason im hearing unwritten law…but for life of me i cant place what it is


  3. avatarDicky says:

    Cage the Elephant- Around My Head


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