Elliott Yamin vs. S Club

Jim, Cory and Johanna all submitted this comparison so I definitely had to post it.

Check out American Idol contestant Elliott Yamin‘s “Wait For You” (2007) and commercial pop group S Club‘s “Never Had a Dream Come True”. It’s a battle of the TV stars. I get the feeling there are a few other pop songs out there with this similar melody.

Elliott Yamin - "Wait For You (Intro)" (2007)
S Club - "Never Had a Dream Come True (Intro)" (2000)
Elliott Yamin - "Wait For You (Chorus)" (2007)
S Club - "Never Had a Dream Come True (Chorus)" (2000)

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24 thoughts on “Elliott Yamin vs. S Club

  1. avatarTravis

    its actually s club 7 not just s club



    Keith Reply:

    Thanks Travis!

    According to the wikipedia page there were “formerly S Club 7”.



    Rammi Reply:

    Travis was right. I grew up in the UK where S Club 7/S Club were geared towards my age group, and also got to experience the terrible S Club Juniors spinoff band.
    They were S Club 7 when Never Had A Dream Come True was released as a Children in Need single in 2000, and turned into S Club once one band member left in 2002.

    Fun fact: The highlight of my 2001 was learning that my school – one of many – had been selected to be in their 2001 Children in Need single, Have You Ever. To this day I still know all the words off by heart.


  2. avatarRandy

    Both of these song sound familiar to another song but I can’t quite put my finger on it…It might be a Simple Plan song…


  3. avatarTravis

    Lord Creator: Kingston town


    Paris Hilton: Stars are blind


    In June 2007 the copyright holders of the 1970 song “Kingston Town”, Sparta Florida Music Group, started legal action against Hilton and Warner Chappell Music for plagiarism due to alleged similarities between “Stars Are Blind” and “Kingston Town”.[7][8] It has wrongly been ascribed that UB40 was the suing party, but that has been denied by the band themselves on their website.

    Here’s the more known version by UB40

    UB40: Kingston town



  4. avatarManuel

    I’m christian and I’ve been hearing this gospel song for a long time. I always knew it sounded like something else I had already heard, but didn’t know exactly what. Now I’ve found it. Check this spanish gospel song chorus (Dulce refugio by Danilo Montero http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsWGrrnIayM) and tell me if it’s not just the same!!!



    Manuel Reply:

    Chorus exactly starts at 1:15


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