Lady Gaga vs. George Michael

Submitted by Chris

Check out the synth line in Lady Gaga‘s 2010 track “Dance in the Dark” with the smooth sax line in George Michael‘s classic  “Careless Whisper”. It’s not spot-on but since this is one of the all time 80s saxophone jams I thought it was worth a post.

Lady Gaga - "Dance in the Dark" (2009)
George Michael - "Careless Whisper" (1984)

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8 thoughts on “Lady Gaga vs. George Michael

  1. avatarTravis

    definitely there although not spot on.



    bigbill Reply:

    eh, i donno dude, it’s near-to-spot-on. certainly an identical chord progression. and the X-Men theme – the fact that she (or her producer or whoever ‘writes’ her stuff) would nab that is at once hilarious & pathetic.


  2. avatarAbhijit Shylanath

    2010 or 2012 track? Post says 2010, preview says 2012. I’ve been having sleepless nights because of this.



    Keith Reply:

    Thanks! It’s actually supposed to be 2009! 😛 Just updated it.


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