David Tavaré vs. Alcazar

I’m really excited to announce a new contributor to the site. Ryan Clark is gonna help out with some posts. I’ll be adding a few more awesome people to the team soon. So without further adieu…

Submitted by Mirela

It’s a classic bout between Spain and Sweden. Will those two ever get along? Listen to the verses on these tracks:

David Tavaré feat. Ruth - "Call Me Baby" (2008)
Alcazar - "Crying at the Discoteque" (2000)

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5 thoughts on “David Tavaré vs. Alcazar

  1. avatarHaasey

    While we’re on Alcazar, Katy Perry feat. Snoop Lion – California Gurls sounds a hellofalot like Alcazar’s This Is The World We Live In which in turn samples Genesis – Land of Confusion.


  2. avatarJohnny

    The current Bruno Mars smash “Locked Out of Heaven” sounds a hell of a lot like “Crying at the Discoteque” in the verses, which other people have noted I’m pleased to say. As well as more obviously several early Police songs which was acknowledged by himself and at the Grammys with Sting.



    Alex Reply:

    Message in a Bottle in particular. 😀


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