Jennifer Lopez vs. Los Kjarkas

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“On the Floor” is an incredibly popular dance song, and the second most-viewed video on Youtube, ever. But that catchy melody in J.Lo’s hit actually originated from Bolivian folk band Los Kjarkas, with their 1981 recording of “Llorando se Fue.” The original song has been sampled a few times, including Don Omar’s “Taboo” and Kaoma’s “Lambada”. Kaoma recorded “Lambada” in 1989, before Los Kjarkas had authorized the sampling of their music. Kaoma got sued, but J.Lo and Don Omar legally sampled the tune.

Further reading: Article on the lawsuit and comments from Los Kjarkas. (spanish)

Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - "On the Floor" (2011)
Kaoma - "Lambada" (1989)
Los Kjarkas - "Llorando se Fue" (1981)

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