Miranda Lambert vs. Steve Earle

This was just sent over to me by Brendan.

Check out Steve Earle‘s 1996 “Feel Alright” and Miranda Lambert‘s “Kerosene” (2005).

According to CMT Lambert unconsciously copied the tune.

She learned a valuable lesson in songwriting with her first album. The title song, “Kerosene” — which really put her on the musical map — sounded very much like Steve Earle’s “I Feel Alright.” Very much like it. After that was brought to her attention, she added Earle’s name as her co-writer on the copyright. And on the royalties. She told Barry Mazor in a No Depression interview, “I didn’t purposefully plagiarize his song — but unconsciously I copied it almost exactly. I guess I’d listened to it so much that I just kind of had it in there.” Well, hell, outlaws rip each other off now and then. But then they usually own up about it — as she did — very quickly. – CMT

Steve Earle - "Feel Alright" (1996)
Miranda Lambert - "Kerosene" (2005)

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3 thoughts on “Miranda Lambert vs. Steve Earle

  1. avatarHeather

    It was an honest mistake. Anyway Earle isn’t hurting since Miranda split the rights to that song w/ him. Miranda Lambert made Steve Earle a lot of $.



    Keith Reply:

    Totally! But interesting nonetheless!


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