The Asphalt vs. Daughtry


I came across this gem while doing a little research on Dr. Luke.

Back in 2008 The Asphalt sued the Daughtry camp for the similarity of his song “Feels Like Tonight”.

Daughtry is being sued by Randy Mazick [The Asphalt] because Mazick alleges that the song “Feels Like Tonight” on the album “Daughtry” is a copy of Mazick’s own song called “Tonight.” The lawsuit says Mazick said his band, The Asphalt, first performed the song in 2005, ahead of Daughtry’s 2006 release. – macworld

According to wikipedia the case was eventually settled out of court.

The Asphalt - "Tonight" (2005)

Daughtry - "Feels Like Tonight" (2006)

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6 thoughts on “The Asphalt vs. Daughtry

  1. avatarTravis

    Now far as the comparison here….yeah…how did daughtry think he was gonna get away with that?



    Keith Reply:

    I’m guessing The Asphalt wasn’t big enough of a band for anyone to even know about?



    Travis Reply:

    that might be true…but copyright is still copyright regardless if the band is known or not 🙂



    Travis Reply:

    but what is “Duaghtry”

  2. avatarLauren

    Hey there, Keith!

    Fantastic job with the website! I wanted to contact you, because I heard two songs today that sound very similar. Try listenning to the guitar intro to “I Just Wanna Fly” by Sugar Ray and “When the Sun Goes Down” by Kenny Chesney!! They are practically EXACTLY THE SAME!!

    Have a lovely day. 🙂


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