Green Giant vs. Red Robin

Submitted by Lauren

And the record for the shortest soundalike goes to Green Giant vs. Red Robin

Green Giant - "Theme" (Date Unknown)
Red Robin - "Theme" (Date Unknown)

For other theme song soundalikes including Whitney Houston vs. X-Men go here!

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6 thoughts on “Green Giant vs. Red Robin

  1. avatar'End-To-End' Benton

    Can’t quite work out if this is legit:

    Red Robin and Green Giant though: bang to rights.



    Keith Reply:

    Hey, Looks like that first clip is not available in the US. I do see the second one though (Tangled – When Will My Life Begin – Mandy Moore)



    'End-To-End' Benton Reply:

    Sorry about that, try this:



    Keith Reply:

    Pretty good one. What a strange comparison to discover!

    For the record it’s
    Mandy Moore – “When Will My Life Begin” (from Disney’s Tangled) (2010)

    Go West – “King of Wishful Thinking” (Pretty Woman) (1990)

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