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Another good one from Alex via facebook Clonidine For Sale, The Beatles - Taxman vs, <b>Clonidine steet value</b>.  <b>Clonidine samples</b>, The Jam - Start on

Check out "Start!" (1980) by The Jam and The Beatles' "Taxman" (1966).

[mini_player audio="/music/the_beatles-taxman.mp3" artist="The Beatles" track="Taxman" year="1966"]

[mini_player audio="/music/the_jam-start.mp3" artist="The Jam" track="Start!" year="1980"]

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6 thoughts on “Clonidine For Sale

  1. avatarCocteau Twin

    This is old news – Of course its the same rift – and EMI were aware



    Keith Reply:

    Thanks. Let me just go back into my time machine to 1980 and invent the internet so I can post this…..ok, I’m back. That was pretty cool. I couldn’t find anything about EMI being aware of this. Do you have an encyclopedia I can borrow? :P


  2. avatarMoses Ramirez

    Beck’s The New Pollution also uses that bass riff (with one different note). It even uses the same double-snare drum beat of the Jam track.

    Side note: has anyone mentioned the 60s Batman theme song in reference to Taxman? :)



    Keith Reply:

    Good one!

    I haven’t heard the Batman reference yet!


  3. avatarCurlytail

    This is similar to changingman and ELO 10538 overture and Brand New Toy and Supertramp, Breakfast in America. A real snapper up of unconsidered trifles is our Mr Weller!


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