Gotye vs. Luiz Bonfá

Gotye vs. Luiz Bonfá on

I just came across this article pointing out the credited sample in Gotye’s massive 2011 hit “Somebody That I Used To Know”. It seems like Gotye had given  Luis Bonfá co-writing credit on the song for the sample and inspiration.

Luiz Bonfá’s – “Seville” (1967)


Gotye – “Somebody That I Used To Know” (feat. Kimbra) (2011)



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6 thoughts on “Gotye vs. Luiz Bonfá

  1. avatarLooney

    I have a new one, by our idol Dr Luke. Listen to “Primadonna” – Marina And The Diamonds, and “Never Close Our Eyes” – Adam Lambert



    Keith Reply:

    Woah, I am too distracted by the “CatrianiPlay” melody ( in “Primadonna”. What’s the part in “Never Close Our Eyes” that you’re talking about?



    Looney Reply:

    Everything. Maybe if you hear an instrumental of each song you will notice it better. Hahahha catrianiplay melody sounds like “primadonna” too


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