Jay-Z vs. Ice-T vs. Trick Daddy – 99 Problems but….

Jay-z vs. Ice-T vs. Trick Daddy

Thanks to James for sending this one my way

Uhhh, how has this gone unnoticed before? Check out Jay-Z‘s 2004 track “99 Problems”. Then listen to Ice-T’s 1993 track. I don’t think this qualifies as a sample since I don’t see Ice-T in the credits. I totally get when artists reference other artists which is especially common in hip-hop. Maybe I’m missing something or maybe these guys just don’t care. Then there’s Trick Daddy‘s 2001 version. Then again I’m looking at wikipedia so who knows. But I do know this – all of their names rhyme.

[Warning: explicit lyrics]

Jay-Z - "99 Problems" (2004)

Trick Daddy - "99 Problems" (2001)

Ice-T - "99 Problems" (1993)


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5 thoughts on “Jay-Z vs. Ice-T vs. Trick Daddy – 99 Problems but….

  1. avatarHaasey

    So they’ve got 297 problems.

    Clearly there’s 3 things they’re fine with that they’re not telling.

    This is a failed attempt at a gag.


  2. avatarDaw Johnson

    It’s gone “unnoticed,” moron, because it’s a blatant homage. Seriously, the stuff on this site…yikes.



    Keith Reply:



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