Polish station has own take on “CatrianiPlay”

Check this out: a Polish radio station called RMF has a series called ‘Gdzies to juz slyszalem’, which translates to ‘Somewhere I Heard That Before’. For their 9th installment, they’ve focused on the same oft-repeated melodic figure as heard on Keith’s ever-expanding CatrianiPlay post/video. Sure they’ve got an enthusiastic host, a bunch of view screens and some nice clips, but you have to wonder where they got the idea.

Here’s their video:

Here’s ThatSongSoundsLike’s

RMF video found at JoeMonster.org

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7 thoughts on “Polish station has own take on “CatrianiPlay”

  1. avatarTravis

    new a7x album has a track that STRONGLY sounds like metallica



    tell me its not almost note for note

    i like a7x but damn



    Keith Reply:




    Travis Reply:

    really cant miss that.

    first thing i thought of when i heard that.

    cant really get much more blatant…..even the vocal line sorta matches…


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