Flame vs. Katy Perry (Flame sues Katy Perry)

July 7th, 2014 by

Katy Perry, Dr. Luke, Flame. Sorry I’m getting lazy with the Katy Perry and Dr. Luke images. I can just pull them up every other week when they appear on the site.

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Looks like Katy Perry and Dr. Luke (Lukasz Sebastian “Luke” Gottwald) are at it again. According to Rapzilla.com on July 1, 2014 Christian rapper Flame and others filed a lawsuit against Perry, Capitol Records, and Perry’s co-writers for infringing copyright on the song “Joyful Noise”. One of the co-writers here is Dr. Luke who has made many appearances on this site.

Check it out:

Katy Perry - "Dark Horse" (2013)

Flame - "Joyful Noise" (2008)

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Have fun!

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4 Responses to “Flame vs. Katy Perry (Flame sues Katy Perry)”

  1. avatarEleanor J Calder says:

    Amit Sahni Ki List – What the Fark vs. Afrojack – Take Over Control


  2. avatarEleanor J Calder says:

    Dark Horse is also extremely similar to Nike Ardila –
    Tinggalahku Sendiri


  3. avatarshoobeedoo says:

    Has no one compared this to Art of Noise-Moments in Love?



    Keith Reply:

    Wow. That’s a good one. I’ll post an update.


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