Justin Bieber “Sorry” sounds just like this song

Justin Bieber vs. White Hinterland (Casey Dienel)

Thanks to Kendra for sending this my way.

Looks like Justin Bieber might have to be sorry for lifting the haunting vocal melody in White Hinterland‘s 2014 song “Ring the Bell”. Sound similar? I think so. Have a listen!

Justin Bieber - "Sorry" (2015)
White Hinterland - "Ring the Bell" (2014)

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7 thoughts on “Justin Bieber “Sorry” sounds just like this song

  1. avatarH.D. Bruton

    Hell, I’m surprised this is only the second posting here about Justin Bieber.

    Speaking of teen idols, I was originally going to send this song to you by 5 Seconds of Summer:
    as ripping off the verse melody from Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf”:
    But I’m not sure if I should, as it might be a sample with permission. Honestly, I don’t know.



    Keith Reply:

    Looks like Duran Duran is probably credited: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hey_Everybody!


  2. avatarSlip Into The Diamond Life

    Anybody notice that there is a background noise around the end of the chorus that sounds like the intro to EXO’s Overdose?

    Hello kpop fandom if you came looking for answers



    Kpop-trash Reply:

    Yes! It is the exact same piece. I played them over each other to check and they were exactly the same. Whilst a part of me is somewhat happy that Kpop is becoming more recognized, it certainly doesn’t deserve this treatment.

    Loving the username


  3. avatarTravis

    is it bad i actually prefer biebers??

    that white hinterland track started out great..

    but it got way to lazy the further it went on


  4. avatarTravis

    well he does indeed have to be sorry…

    and hinterland answered justins question

    “is it too late to say sorry now?”


  5. avatarsusan

    The music reminds me of a R.E.O. Speedwagon song, “I can’t fight this feeling anymore”. anyway, I hate it and him. I love R.E.O.


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