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ThatSongSoundsLike.com was created by Keith Hopkin in 2007 and is fueled by awesome submissions by you. There are a few other folks on the team that do a bit of work to put your submissions up here in a nice readable and listenable way.

So what is ThatSongSoundsLike???


“I know I’ve heard that song before”

“That riff is totally from that song”

“Isn’t that the melody from ___ ?”

“They don’t even credit the original!”

Remember Vanilla Ice’s 1990 hit “Ice Ice Baby” ?

Vanilla Ice - "Ice Ice Baby" (1990)

Sound Familiar?

David Bowie & Queen - "Under Pressure" (1981)

Here’s a great piece that aired on MTV in the 90s where Vanilla Ice famously denies the similarity.

Do you have 2 songs that you are convinced sound the same?
Email Artists and Song Titles to music at thatsongsoundslike dot com and I will listen!

Kirby Ferguson made a brilliant video documentary called “Everything is a Remix”. It examines music, film and literature through the years. Here’s part 1. It contains a large chunk about Led Zeppelin.

See the other parts here: http://vimeo.com/kirbyferguson/videos

More at www.everythingisaremix.info

These guys do a great job of ¬†demonstrating the ubiquity of the “I V vi iV” chord progression in modern pop music.


For an extensive site that catalogs credited samples, go to www.whosampled.com.

Some more reading and things:

Drinking with Strangers: Music Lessons from a Teenage Bullet Belt by Butch Walker

“Allergy to Originality” By DREW CHRISTIE, NY Times

How many songs are there?

I analyzed the chords of 1300 popular songs for patterns. This is what I found.

12 Songs That Sound The Same by Keith Hopkin [buzzfeed.com]

13 Songs That Sound Just Like Green Day Songs by Keith Hopkin [diffuser.fm]

7 Famous Musicians Who Stole Some of Their Biggest Hits [Cracked.com]

NOTE: This site is for “sound-a-likes”, not samples.

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