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Led Zeppelin Going to Court for Stairway

I’ve been covering this “Stairway to Heaven” vs. “Taurus” thing since 2013. Apparently it’s finally really going to court and the boys of Led Zeppelin will have to defend themselves.

A United States district judge, Gary R. Klausner, wrote in the decision Friday that while the chromatic four-chord backbone shared by the songs was “a common convention that abounds in the music industry, the similarities here transcend this core structure.”

A trustee for Spirit’s guitarist, Randy Wolfe, brought the suit against the surviving members of Led Zeppelin in 2014. Mr. Wolfe died in 1997.

The trial, scheduled for May 10, would be the second high-profile jury trial to determine the similarity between two songs in two years, a trend industry experts say may open the gates to more suits. –Did Led Zeppelin Steal ‘Stairway to Heaven’? A Jury Will Decide – New York Times

And here’s the music. I’m still not sure why Dolly Parton is not included in this mess but have a listen anyway:

Spirit - "Taurus" (1968)
Led Zeppelin - "Stairway to Heaven" (1971)
Dolly Parton - "We Used To" (1975)

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! This is not the only song Led Zeppelin has been accused of ripping off. And on the other side of things, Many artists have borrowed from Zeppeling.

Led Zeppelin vs. The World

Led Zeppelin vs. Chicago vs. Green Day vs. The White Stripes

Coheed and Cambria vs. Led Zeppelin

Devo vs. Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin vs. Rage Against the Machine

Public Image Ltd (PiL) vs. The Stills

Public Image Limited vs. The Stills

If there is a song on this site that screams homage than this MUST be it. I was listening to a satellite radio station the other day and PiL‘s 1983 track “This is Not a Love Song” came on and I immediately thought of  “Still in Love Song” by The Stills. If this was was not intentional then I would love to have a chat with The Stills about this one.

The Stills - "Still in Love Song" (2003)
PiL - "This is Not a Love Song" (1983)

The Offspring vs. Linkin Park vs. Tears For Fears

Linkin Park New Divide vs. The Offspring

Submitted by Travis.

Given the history of The Offspring on this site Travis and I were both a little surprised to see a band sounding LIKE The Offspring rather than the other way around. Check out the main riff on Linkin Park’s 2009 “New Divide” and The Offspring’s 1997 “Gone Away”. After listening to the both of these I also certainly hear Tears for Fears “Mad World” especially in “New Divide”. Maybe that’s what the guy on the turntable in the band is actually playing :)

Linkin Park - "New Divide" (2009)
The Offspring - "Gone Away" (1997)
Tears for Fears - "Mad World" (1982)

And overall “New Divide” and “Gone Away” have very similar verse instrumentation.

Linkin Park - "New Divide" (2009)
The Offspring - "Gone Away" (1997)


Muse vs. The Offspring

Muse vs. The Offspring (Again)

Belle & Sebastian vs. The Offspring