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MIKA’s Lollipop was lifted right from a Jackie Chan film


Thanks to Darren for sending in this great, obscure soundalike.

OK, it’s not really Jackie Chan singing (at least I don’t think it is) but this is the closing credit song to a 1983 Chan film called “Winners & Sinners“. I found a German translated version on YouTube but I think the song is still in Chinese. MIKA‘s “Lollipop” chorus sounds EXACTLY like this melody. Check it out:

MIKA - "Lollipop" (2007)

Winners and Sinners - "End Credit" (1983)

I also noticed the overall derivative nature from the 1958 classic “The Lollipop Song“. Perhaps these are both a nod to this classic. Have a listen:

Ronald and Ruby - "Lollipop" (1958)

Here’s the full movie of  “Winners & Sinners” (translated to German). Start at the end credits around 1h28m59s or just click here.

Muse vs. The Offspring (Again)


It feels like yesterday since I just posted The Offspring – “Coming for You” (2015) vs. Muse vs. “Uprising”  (2009) but I guess The Offspring had been listening to more Muse in their practice studio than I had thought. This is one of those ones that, yes, is not exactly the same, but I think given the history of The Offspring on this site it is well worth the listen. Check it out:

The Offspring - "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" (2008)
Muse - "Time Is Running Out" (2003)

For more Muse soundalikes:

Maroon 5 vs. Muse

The Doors vs. Muse

For more Offspring soundalikes:

Belle & Sebastian vs. The Offspring

The Beatles vs. The Offspring


Justin Bieber “Sorry” sounds just like this song

Justin Bieber vs. White Hinterland (Casey Dienel)

Thanks to Kendra for sending this my way.

Looks like Justin Bieber might have to be sorry for lifting the haunting vocal melody in White Hinterland‘s 2014 song “Ring the Bell”. Sound similar? I think so. Have a listen!

Justin Bieber - "Sorry" (2015)
White Hinterland - "Ring the Bell" (2014)

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