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The Clash vs. Say Anything

Friday, January 23rd, 2015


Here’s a good one submitted by Robbie via facebook.

Check out the guitar riff in Say Anything‘s “Hate Everyone” and The Clash‘s “Rudy Can’t Fail”

The Clash - "Rudy Can't Fail" (1979)

Say Anything - "Hate Everyone" (2009)

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Jimmy Eat World vs. Kelly Clarkson

Monday, January 12th, 2015

Jimmy Eat World vs. Kelly Clarkson

Thanks to Kenny for sending this to me

Wow, check out Kelly Clarkson’s new track “Heartbeat Song”. You might immediately recognize the similarity to Jimmy Eat World‘s hit  “The Middle”.


Kelly Clarkson - "Heartbeat Song (Chorus)" (2015)

Jimmy Eat World - "The Middle (Chorus)" (2001)


Kelly Clarkson - "Heartbeat Song (Verse)" (2015)
Jimmy Eat World - "The Middle (Verse)" (2001)


And here are the full songs:

Kelly Clarkson – “Heartbeat Song” (2015)

Jimmy Eat World – “The Middle” (2001)

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That Dog vs. Tonight Alive

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

Tonight Alive's song "The Other Side" sounds just like a That Dog song from 1997

This glorious gem submitted by Robbie is a no-brainer for ThatSongSoundsLike. Have a listen to the opening verses of Tonight Alive‘s 2013 track “The Other Side” and That Dog‘s 1997 track “Minneapolis”.

Tonight Alive - "The Other Side" (2013)

That Dog - "Minneapolis" (1997)

But wait! There’s More! Check out the album art on Tonight Alive’s record:

Tonight Alive - The Other Side

Look familiar?

Interpol “Obstacle 1″ (2002)