5 Songs That Sound Like Girl Crush


There has been a bit of discussion on facebook over what sounds like Little Big Town’s controversial track “Girl Crush”. My first reaction was that the guitar riff sounded a lot like “Unchained Melody”. A few others chimed in and and there are some good ones. Have a listen!


Little Big Town - "Girl Crush" (2014)

Bonnie Tyler - "It's A Heartache" (1977)

Rascal Flatts - "I Won't Let Go" (2011)

Unchained Melody” original written in 1955. Righteous brothers version here:

Righteous Brothers - "Unchained Melody" (1965)

Not really sure what this is but here ya go:

Randy Rothwell - "Sanctuary" (1993?)

Not really sure this one is similar enough but a lot of people seem to think so:

Dani & Lizzy - "Dancing in the sky" (2013)


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James Bay vs. Matthew Perryman Jones

James Bay vs. Matthew Perryman Jones

This one was submitted by Robert via facebook.  I wasn’t familiar with either song but heard the similarities right away. Check out James Bay‘s “Hold Back The River” and Matthew Perryman Jones “Meghan’s Song” (2006).


James Bay - "Hold Back The River" (2014)

Matthew Perryman Jones - "Meghan's Song" (2006)

The Doors vs. Muse


Kirb and Hunter both sent me this so I had to check it out. Muse put out a new single called “Psycho” and the main guitar riff sounds a lot like “Roadhouse Blues” by The Doors. I’m sure you can probably trace the origins of this bluesy riff back a few more decades.

Have a listen!

Muse - "Psycho" (2015)

The Doors - "Roadhouse Blues" (1970)

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