This New Apple Ad Looks Like an OK GO Video

OK, OK.. this isn’t for the music. I’m breaking my rules on the site for the first time. But just wanted to share this video lookalike. Apple’s new “Perspective” ad is a great play on an awesome visual perspective technique. It appears that it’s all one continuous take as well. But wait, didn’t OK GO just make something just like this?? I’m guessing the folks planning the Apple ad were pissed when OK GO’s music video came out. They were probably in the middle of shooting or planning theirs. Maybe they even delayed the release of it because of OK GO.

Apple – “Perspective”
Published on Sep 9, 2014

OK GO “The Writing’s On the Wall”
Published on Jun 17, 2014

I recently wrote up OK GO on the site for this song which sounds A LOT like New Order’s “Tempation”.
 “OK Go vs. New Order (And Damian Kulash is in that “First Kiss” video)”


UPDATE: Lawrence (check out his music) sent a Business Week this link to me regarding this. It looks like OK GO actually pitched their concept to Apple who then turned them down. Wow.

Apple’s ways of seeing things isn’t different enough, says Andy Gershon, manager of the band OK Go.
It’s entirely plausible that someone would be inspired to make a similar video. But that’s not what happened, Gershon says. He says the band met with Apple in April to pitch that visual concept as a potential video collaboration. Apple declined, so the band made its own video. Apple then hired 1stAveMachine, the production company behind OK Go’s video, to make a video for its iPhone launch event; it also used the same director. Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment. “The videos speak for themselves and you can draw your own conclusions,” says Gershon.

Gershon says OK Go is exploring its legal options, but it may not have many. Taking someone’s idea and adapting it for your own purposes in this manner is generally not a violation of copyright law, says Mark Lemley, a professor at Stanford Law School. There is some precedent in state courts for so-called idea submission cases, where someone who has pitched an idea in private has sought relief when that idea is used without their involvement. But Lemley says it’s not clear whether OK Go would prevail in this instance, especially in the absence of a non-disclosure agreement between the two sides. “You could imagine circumstances where there’s a legal claim here, although I think it’s unlikely to succeed,” he says. “That said, from a PR perspective, I’d say it wasn’t a smart move by Apple.”
–   “OK Go: Apple Ripped Off Our Video”,

Taylor Caniff vs. Pontus Pettersson

I came across this post on Vine by TheThirdPew (he’s also on YouTube here, he’s funny)

The big offender here is this kid Taylor Caniff. Who is Taylor Caniff you might ask? I’m still not sure. Check out his Vine feed and you’ll get a good idea.

He’s one of the many young teens pulling in millions of 12 year old followers on the Vine mobile app. What does he do on there? Good question. The rest of the 18-and-over Vine community is still trying to figure that out. Who is Pontus Pettersson? He doesn’t have millions of followers on Vine but I guess his song was stolen??

If you’re satisfied with the 3 second clip posted by TheThirdPew above then listen no further. Otherwise, have a listen to the following .

Pontus Pettersson – “Buckwild” (December 2013)

2Virgins  – Buckwild (feat. Taylor Caniff)  (April 2014)

Pettersson on twitter:  @Realpontusp

Caniff on twitter: @taylorcaniff

I have a feeling I might get attacked by Caniff fans after posting this.


100 Amazing Bass Lines

I don’t normally post things like this on the site but I just watched this 13 minute video of YouTube user Davie504 blaze through 100 bass lines and it’s pretty awesome. It just so happens he hits a lot of artists that appear on this site.

Here’s a select list of posts that relate to some of these artists. Enjoy!

Rage Against the Machine vs. Funkadelic
Rage Against The Machine vs. Led Zeppelin

Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Budgie
Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Tom Petty
Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Black Sabbath

Ghostbusters vs. Huey Lewis & The News vs. The Bar-Kays vs. Queen

Nirvana vs. Killing Joke vs. The Damned
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Metallica vs. Faster Pussycat