The Doors vs. Muse


Kirb and Hunter both sent me this so I had to check it out. Muse put out a new single called “Psycho” and the main guitar riff sounds a lot like “Roadhouse Blues” by The Doors. I’m sure you can probably trace the origins of this bluesy riff back a few more decades.

Have a listen!

Muse - "Psycho" (2015)

The Doors - "Roadhouse Blues" (1970)

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Jay-Z vs. Bruno Spoerri: Jay-Z to pay Swiss jazz musician 50% of royalties

Jay-Z vs. Bruno Spoerri

Apparently this has been out in the open for over a year. Well it’s sorta settled now. Jay-Z will pay Swiss jazz musician 50% of royalties for using his instrumental for “Versus”. Check out some clips of the tracks below.

Jay-Z - "Versus" (2013)

Bruno Spoerri - "On The Way" (1978)

From the press:

US rapper Jay-Z has agreed to pay half the royalties of one of his songs to a Swiss jazz musician Bruno Spoerri after using his music without consent.
The rapper had denied copying instrumental ‘Lilith — on the way’ in his 2013 song ‘Versus’. But he has now agreed to pay 50 per cent of the royalties to the Swiss pianist and saxophonist, following an 18-month legal wrangle.

The American musician and record producer only admitted using the music without attribution a few months ago, according to reports.
Speaking last year, the veteran jazz musician said legal proceedings could have been avoided with a phone call.
‘In a way I’m flattered that a relatively young rapper takes a sample from an old man, a sample that is about 35 years old,’ he told

‘On the other hand I’m furious because it would have been so simple to clear the sample. All it would have needed was a call or an email to the company and I think it would have been relatively cheap.’
Mr Spoerri, 79, has worked with the likes of Lee Konitz, Hans Kennel and George Gruntz in a career spanning nearly 50 years.
In an illustrious career, he has directed the Zurich jazz festival and music schools in Zurich and Lucerne. March 13, 2015


The following was published before the settlement:

Financially, the two musicians are at opposite ends of the music spectrum.
In 2012, Forbes estimated the net worth of Jay Z – real name Shawn Carter – from music and other businesses at $500 million (CHF450 million). Jay Z and Justin Timberlake won a Grammy award on January 26 for their collaboration on another track from Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Spoerri, who still performs once or twice a month, says what matters most to him is an apology.

“I would like them to acknowledge what happened and say sorry. And then I think it would be fine if they would put my name on the piece and in the end I want to have a part of the money that comes in.”

– SwissInfo Jan, 28 2014


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Meghan Trainor vs. Koyote vs. Phish


Submitted by Manuel

I’m surprised this didn’t come through my email when everyone was all about that bass. Check out Meghan Trainor‘s hit song alongside South Korean pop band Koyote‘s “Happy Mode”. After digging a little it seems others have pointed out an old Phish track called “Contact”. Out of all of the million Phish songs out there I actually knew this one because of its silly repeated lyric.

There are probably quite a few other songs out there following this same melody but for now here are three:

Meghan Trainor - "All About That Bass " (2014)

Koyote - "Happy Mode" (2006)

Phish - "Contact" (1989)