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It’s no secret that popular music is filled with similar-sounding chord progressions, riffs, and beats; a finite number of notes extended over an infinite number of songs is bound to result in some doubling, especially when certain combinations sound so much better than others...
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nice. - Moby on twitter on "12 Songs That Sound the Same" by Keith Hopkin
George Stroumboulopoulos VIDEO OF THE DAY: Have I Heard This Song Before?
That Song Sounds Like is a whole website dedicated to identifying tunes that share the same melodic structure, and they created this video to break down one very specific melody that has been repeated pretty much identically in a bunch of songs, by artists as wide-ranging as Survivor, Cat Stevens, Coldplay and Joe Satriani.
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If you're the kind of person who listened to How Deep Is Your Love, the new single from the Rapture, and thought how much it sounds like Sisqó's Thong Song, then you'll find kindred spirits at thatsongsoundslike.com. As you'll guess from the name, it's dedicated to detailing the sonic similarities between songs, with audio samples to illustrate the point, alongside short, informative posts. Judge for yourself how much the trumpet from Belle and Sebastian's The Stars of Track and Field resembles the theme tune from 80s sitcom Charles in Charge, or listen to the Hollies' Air That I Breathe, a song so similar to Radiohead's Creep that its songwriters were eventually credited for that one, too. It's a simple premise but snags your interest more than most sites.
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...And is Lee [DeWyze] really going to perform Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” only three weeks after Big Mike sang Chad Kroeger’s rip-off “Hero”? (Listen to the two superhero songs and convince me they aren’t identical twins separated at birth)...
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Originality in music is over-rated. I'd be happy if every song was a rip off of the Charles in Charge theme.
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There's a little site out there slowly gaining word-of-mouth steam called That Song Sounds Like, which brings classic copyright-infringement cases like the Huey Lewis/Ray Parker Jr. "Ghostbusters" theme/"I Want A New Drug" fiasco into the court of public, streamable opinion, and also raises newer inquiries around the striking parallels between, say, a Dr. Dre production and Phoenix . . .
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It’s amazing how many there are already, with more likely to come. The similarities are sometimes a little too similar (and admitted by certain artists). Some of these similarities border on the issues of electro producers, who make their music by using actual samples of existing music. For many of these artists, licenses save them from getting sued by the original content owners, and it ensures the artists responsible for the original music get their due payments from the use.
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The website www.ThatSongSoundsLike.com is dedicated to one mission: placing similar sounding audio clips from well-known artists side-by-side.  With hundreds of submissions posted over six years, it’s a staggering collection that has musicians wondering whether their music is safe in the market place. Red more here