Blink-182 vs. The Primitives

The Primitives have quite possibly the most catchy vocal hook of the 80’s in their hit single Crash. Match this one up with Blink-182‘s “All the Small Things”.

The Primitives - "Crash" (1988)

Blink-182 - "All the Small Things" (1999)

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6 Replies to “Blink-182 vs. The Primitives”

  1. Mark Adams

    Are you sure Crash was from ’87 and not ’88? Anyway, it reminds me of Pour Some Sugar on Me (’87).

  2. Ryan

    Not just crash.

    The break sounds rather suspiciously like Jesus and Mary Chain. Even the higher strumming at the same time. In fact you can actually play the song over the top.


  3. Kenny orr

    Many bands take inspiration from bands with just a few subtle key or melodic changes to say blink 182 that they ripped it off from the crash is a bit of a hypocritical statement as nearly all bands are guilty of it for the Rolling Stones to the other end of the spectrum like like rap stars to country etc , it might be close to the original but that’s why music is so amazing and great , I get if it’s a total rip off etc but there will be bands that we all listen to that you didn’t even realise that they had in a way compared or copied a little bit where mabey out in the 40,s or 50,s or something and we thought the band we were listening to were original. Don’t take life to literal , just enjoy free spirited folks 😊


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