Tears for Fears vs. Hillary Duff

While putting the previous Tears for Fears Vs. Jawbox post together I stumbled upon another hook in the “Break it Down Again”. This seems to be a common phrase that for some reason reminded me of a Hillary Duff track I heard at the gym (yes, that is my excuse!).

Tears for Fears - "Break it Down Again" (1993)

Hillary Duff - "Wake Up" (2005)

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8 Replies to “Tears for Fears vs. Hillary Duff”

  1. Travis

    cant get the player to work 🙁

    nothing shows at all…

    no play buttons 🙁

    im seeing that for a few of these..

    seems to be random where they dont show up

    1. Keith Post author

      Thanks for the heads up. I updated the player to be HTML5/Mobile compatible a few years ago and recently any of the older version just stopped working completely. It’s impossible to keep up! Definitely let me know if you come across others. It’s usually on older posts and I have to manually update the post.


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