Coldplay vs. Joe Satriani vs. Cat Stevens vs. Creaky Boards


Update 1/30/2010: Check out “CatrianiPlay: The Most Used Melody In Pop Music”

In December, 2008 Reuters reported that Joe Satriani filed a copyright infringement suit against Coldplay claiming that the, “song ‘Viva La Vida’ incorporates ‘substantial original portions’ of his 2004 instrumental ‘If I Could Fly.'”  Then just a few months later Cat Stevens publicly stated that “Viva La Vida” has some similarities to his epic 1973 track “Foreigner Suite” stating , ” [Viva La Vida] definitely sounds like it…It has such logical chords and the melody has to be what it is…”  But wait! There’s more!  Last year Brooklyn Band Creaky Boards posted a clip on YouTube of  their ironically titled track “The Songs I Didn’t Write” pointing out the striking similarities with this now all too familiar melody.

Cat Stevens - "Foreigner Suite" (1973)

Joe Satriani - "If I Could Fly" (2004)

Coldplay - "Viva la Vida" (2008)

Creaky Boards - "The Songs I Didn't Write" (2008)

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5 Replies to “Coldplay vs. Joe Satriani vs. Cat Stevens vs. Creaky Boards”

  1. tclopetfan

    i saw the creaky boards open up a for a friends band last fall when this whole conspiracy came out. i don’t care if coldplay stole “their” song. satriani is the one who should be crying how two idiots ruined his melody.

    1. clop_clop

      Yooo cat stevens wrote it in 1973. Now unless he’s a time traveller I don’t see how he couldve stolen from Satriani


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