Coldplay vs. Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk vs Coldplay

Although it was reported that Coldplay‘s Chris Martin received permission from Kraftwerk frontman Ralf Hutter to use the guitar riff from their 1981 track “Computer Love” I still believe it deserves a post.

Kraftwerk - "Computer Love" (1981)

Coldplay - "Talk" (2005)

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15 Replies to “Coldplay vs. Kraftwerk”

  1. The Original is ALWAYS better

    Coldplay is so damned overrated. By the way ; ever compared Led Zeppelin’s When The Levee Breaks with U2’s Bullet The Blue Sky ?

      1. Adam

        Compare Madonna’s Material Girl’s opening guitar riff with Michael Jackson’s Beat It and see if it’s a worthy inclusion for this site.

    1. Keith Post author

      The structure and feel is pretty similar but I don’t know if it’s close enough but that seems enough to win a $7.4 Million lawsuit these days.

      1. Mark Adams

        Pharrell Williams said in an interview with Financial Times, and I have to agree with him on this, that Blurred Lines doesn’t borrow any lyrics or melodies from Marvin Gaye, but was meant to emulate the general vibe and that emotions shouldn’t be subject to copyright, stating: “Whether it’s music, fashion, design, etc…we will be littered with lawsuits”.
        Sorry, I can’t remember all of it and I have trouble with Ninemsn, where I viewed the report, apparently the page is currently unavailable and Financial Times charges for access to articles.

  2. Travis

    someone gave me this one…

    i aint sure what to make of it lol..

    i think they tryin to hard… but could just be me not hearin it

  3. James A.

    How about this?
    Christian Burns, Paul Oakenfold, & Jes – As We Collide (2011?) vs. Coldplay – Speed of Sound (2005) vs. Kate Bush – Running Up That Hill (1985)


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