Gwen Stefani vs. Weezer vs. Lita Ford


This one has been driving me nuts for years. In 2001 Weezer released its long awaited follow up to Pinkerton.  The opening melody of  the first single “Hash Pipe”  immediately conjured Lita Ford’s 1988 hit “Kiss Me Deadly” which was not much of a surprise considering Cuomo’s hair metal roots. Three years later No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani released “What You Want?”. Once again there’s that descending melody.

Weezer - "Hash Pipe" (2001)

Gwen Stefani - "What You Waiting For?" (2004)

Lita Ford - "Kiss Me Deadly" (1988)

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10 Replies to “Gwen Stefani vs. Weezer vs. Lita Ford”

  1. Paul

    People – you need pointed in the direction of ‘Somewhere In My Heart’ by Aztec Camera. It predates all of these songs.

    1. Peter Garrett

      “Beds are Burning” was released in 1987 while “Somewhere in My Heart” was released in 1988. Not exactly predating anything.

      1. Keith Post author

        Hey Peter, Good point. In defense of Paul, the Midnight Oil track is there for comparison of the guitar/bass riff and not the descending vocal melodies.


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