The Strokes vs. Barry Manilow

Submitted by David

The Strokes ripped this chorus right from the Barry Manilow classic “Mandy”. Check it out!

Barry Manilow - "Mandy" (1974)
The Strokes - "Razorblade" (2006)
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17 Replies to “The Strokes vs. Barry Manilow”

  1. Bjorn

    DUDE I was just thinking of that. I had never heard Mandy until I watched this episode of the simpsons, so I youtubed it and I spent the last 20 minutes trying to figure out what it sounded like. THANK YOU for stopping my anguish!

    And also, yes they are totally the same song

  2. Adam

    They aren’t the same at all, they don’t even have the same amount of syllables or even in the same key. They both start with oooohh and last about the same amount of time apart from that nothing.

  3. jimmy boots

    In case you didn’t know, “Mandy” is itself a cover of “Brandy” (1971) by Scott English, with the name changed to avoid confusion with the Looking Glass song “Brandy”.

    1. John

      No it is not a “cover.” The name was originally Brandy and was changed because Looking Glass’s song of same name was so popular

      1. jimmy boots

        Other than the fact that Manilow’s “Mandy” is credited to Scott English on the label, and features exactly the same lyrics and melody as “Brandy”, you’re right John. Silly me.

  4. bob

    MORE STROKES =) PLEASE CHECK THESE OUT!! especially the third one

    The Strokes – Barely Legal and Arctic Monkeys – That’s Where You’re Wrong

    The Strokes – Alone Together and Arctic Monkeys – Little Illusion Machine

    The Strokes – Electricityscape and Talking Heads – Sugar On My Tongue

    The Strokes – Call Me Back and Velvet Underground – Murder Mystery

  5. Marty

    The strokes songs came out in 2001 before the artic monkeys songs. so the artic monkeys would be ripping off the strokes

  6. martin

    Compare the opening of Strokes “You only live once” and the verse of Queen “I Want to Break Free”. Sounds alike.


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