Boys Like Girls vs. The Who vs. Bon Jovi

Boys Like Girls

Submitted by Todd

Another one for Boston based Boys Like Girls. Last post was for the chorus similarity to the Killers track “Somebody Told Me”.

Todd points out the lead guitar in the “Love Drunk” intro and the lead guitar melody in the 2006 Bon Jovi track “Who Says You Can’t Go Home”. I’m also surprised that nobody has picked up on the similarity to The Who’s Baba O’Riley (aka Teenage Wasteland). Not only are the chord progressions the same, “Love Drunk” also has some sort of arpeggiation in the background much like Baba.

Boys Like Girls - "Love Drunk" (2009)

Bon Jovi - "Who Says You Can't Go Home" (2006)

The Who - "Baba O'Riley" (1972)

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6 Replies to “Boys Like Girls vs. The Who vs. Bon Jovi”

  1. John

    These song are not similar. If you want to find song writer that use copy and paste sistem look for Zucchero Fornaciari and Gigi D’Alessio 😉

    1. Keith Post author

      Hi John, please send any specific examples if you got ’em to the email address on the sidebar. Thanks!


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