Sum 41 vs. My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance

Submitted by Travis.

Check out the chorus in Sum 41′s “The Jester” and the chorus of My Chemical Romance‘s “House of Wolves”. Pretty similar.

Sum 41 - "The Jester" (2007)

My Chemical Romance - "House of Wolves" (2006)

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16 Replies to “Sum 41 vs. My Chemical Romance”

  1. ben

    The only similarity i can hear is that they are both using power chords, which considering the type of music isnt all that suprising.

    1. KIT

      @ Ben: Dude you must have some wax buildup going on because these song are pretty FN similar! Chords, Riff, percussion… are you kidding me!

  2. Blackr

    i suggest you to add this entry Mooi Wark (Achter de tent)2007 Vs My Chemical Romance (Teenagers) 2006 .. they are equal, and the first one isnt a cover since it have different lyrics.

  3. slamic

    My Chemical Romance – Thank You For The Venom first 10 seconds sounds like sum 41- reminded me of Half Hour of Power album …dont you think so?

    1. Travis

      i really think other than the intros that these 2 are pretty much the exact same cept for half truism was sped up

    2. Keith Post author

      Good one! I know there is another song out there that sounds like the MCR “Helena” chorus. Something from the 80s. I haven’t been able to figure it out.

  4. Travis

    heres one i think is blatant

    sum 41:makes no difference

    relient k:pressing on

    one of the RARE times sum 41 was first

  5. Travis

    check these out

    mcr: thank you for the venom

    avenged sevenfold: unholy confessions

    death: spirit crusher

  6. Mark Adams

    I think these two sound like Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous by Good Charlotte (2002), but I think GC’s was better.


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