UPDATE: The Damned vs. Nirvana vs. Killing Joke

This is an update to Nirvana vs. Killing Joke

Melanie brings up the 1982 track “Life Goes On” by English punk band The Damned.

The Damned - "Life Goes On" (1982)

Killing Joke - "Eighties" (1984)

Nirvana - "Come as You Are" (1992)

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10 Replies to “UPDATE: The Damned vs. Nirvana vs. Killing Joke”

  1. ThatScottGuy

    If the Damned had a dollar for every time they were ripped off, they wouldn’t have to put out so many compilation albums of all their genius.

    1. KingJaz0

      That’s interesting. Another use of this so successful riff. And all songs made of it are completely different but all good, although the ones I prefer are those by KJ and Nirvana.


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