Coldplay vs. Killing Joke

Coldplay vs. Killing Joke
This one is for all of you lovers out there. Koen submitted this and pointed out the similarity of the bridge in Coldplay’s 2005 “Talk” and Killing Joke’s 1985 “Love Like Blood”. Enjoy!

Killing Joke - "Love Like Blood" (1985)

Coldplay - "Talk" (2005)

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5 Replies to “Coldplay vs. Killing Joke”

  1. Reichscythe

    Not only that, Coldplay’s “Talk” is basically a “re-imagining” of Kraftwerk’s “Computer Love” (permission granted by Kraftwerk)

  2. Silverrocket

    I think Killing joke sued Nirvana for the guitar work in “Come as You Are”. Similar to Killing Jokes song “Eighties”


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