Violent Femmes vs. Skip Spence vs. The Shadows

Here’s a nice obscure one from Adam who points out the Skip Spence similarity. I discovered the Shadows similarity from the Blister in the Sun Wikipedia page.

Before The Violent Femmes hit the mainstream in 1983 with “Blister in the Sun”  The Shadows put out  “Little B”  in 1962 and six years later  Skip Spence was  inside Bellevue writing his lo-fi masterpiece Oar. Enjoy!

The Shadows - "Little B" (1962)

Skip Spence - "Everything Under Your Hat" (1968)

Violent Femmes - "Blister in the Sun" (1983)

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7 Replies to “Violent Femmes vs. Skip Spence vs. The Shadows”

  1. Dirk Cleary

    Wow, i just googled to this site after realizing a few years ago that “Blister In The Sun’s” bass line was very similar to Skip Spence’s “Keep Everything Under Your Hat,” which is pretty rare music.

    But the Shadow’s tune also sounds a whole hell of a lot like the VF’s tune.

    I wonder if they ever admitted to listening to either Skip or The Shadows?

    I didn’t think this connection would be on the web, but just goes to show ya’ that there’s a lot of info on the web that we probably never would have discovered without the web.

      1. Adam

        It’s like you’re the master at finding these hidden gems but with so much stuff here in the interweb, it’s like a new world and this website’s like a whole new ball game.


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