Nightwish vs. Paul McCartney


Submitted by Marc-André

Check out the intro to  Nightwish‘s  2008 metal track “Bye Bye Beautiful”. Sounds a bit like Paul McCartney‘s 1973 Bond theme song “Live and Let Die”. (Here’s some  interesting info about “Live and Let Die” on Wikipedia if you’re interested).

Nightwish - "Bye Bye Beautiful" (2008)

Paul McCartney - "Live and Let Die" (1973)

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8 Replies to “Nightwish vs. Paul McCartney”

  1. noone

    This one I agree with although it is slightly different sounding, it is a very close call. Nightwish were a good band before the new chick came in.

  2. Arthur Delgado

    Heya! Your site is awesome, and I really wanted to send some ‘song similarities’ to this site, but i’m too lazy to go to my e-mail to do it… Is it okay if post them here?

    Well, here’s the first one. Sometimes, it’s hard to hear plagiarism in songs BUT on this case.. It’s hard to find some DIFFERENCE from the rip-off and the original song:

    And do you know about Rod Stewart mega hit “Do you think I’m sexy” (1978) ?
    Well.. uh.. listen to this (go to 3:00, or hear the whole song):

    1. Keith Post author

      Thanks Arthur! Well, I don’t encourage posting other soundalikes here and I have a hard time listening to everything, but go right ahead!


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