Lady Gaga vs. Ace Of Base

Sent in by Camille and Robert

Lady Gaga just keeps putting out the hits.  Somebody on her team must be doing their mega hit research. One of Gaga’s latest singles “Alejandro” (2010 2009) bears a striking resmblance to the 90’s Ace of Base hit “Don’t Turn Around”. I just discovered via Wikipedia that Tina Turner recorded the first version of “Don’t Turn Around” in 1986. Most of us are probably familiar with the 1994 Ace of Base version as heard below.

Ace of Base - "Don't Turn Around" (1994)

Lady Gaga - "Alejandro" (2009)

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32 Replies to “Lady Gaga vs. Ace Of Base”

  1. Samantha

    I’m so glad someone else noticed this too! All of my friends have ‘Gaga-Blinders’ and looked at me like a crazy person when I compared ‘Alejandro’ to ‘Don’t Turn Around’ Thanks for posting this, you’re awesome.

  2. Niki

    YES! Totally! Immediately when I heard I thought it sounded like something- I thought it was an old Madonna song- but this is it! I could not put my finger on it and it was driving me crazy! Thank you. 🙂

  3. strangeronfire

    yea, i really thought i was the only one. finally it drove me insane so i googled “new song sounds like ace of bass” and it lead me right to this site. THANK GOD I THOUGHT I WAS CRAZY!!!

  4. Sandi

    Yes, I thought Alejandro sounded familiar as I was a huge “Ace of Base” fan at one time, there are just so many melodies in the world already published, it even sounds like an old Abba song too.

  5. Gary from Calgary Canada

    I couldn’t put my finger on it either until i got to the end of the song and knew i was addicted but it sounded like Ace of Base.

    Played it 100 000 times and still not tired of it

  6. Stephanie

    I loved Ace of Base back in my college days so I knew it instantly when I heard Alejandro. I like the song but only because I think of Don’t turn around when I hear it.

  7. james

    When this song came on the radio I actually started singing the words to Ace of Base. My wife said I was crazy. This site makes me correct again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. JeN

    *How to make a pop star 2010 version. Take an old Ace Of Base song and an old Madonna video, chew them up and spit them out. There, song and video, DONE, next! Oh thank god I’m not the only one!!! I thought Ace Of Base RIGHT AWAY when I heard it!!! But I thought it sounded more like “All That She Wants”. But I guess that just goes to show how similar Ace of Base songs are to each other.

  9. Radiorex

    Not to get too conspiratorial here, but if we’re drawing a line from Gaga to Ace of Base… and perhaps to ABBA… for god’s sake, Gaga uses the name FERNANDO in the clip posted here! Anyone else? And both ABBA and Ace of Base being from Sweden? Just a weird series of coincidences.

  10. JAYEE


  11. misterorange

    The funny thing is that ‘Don’t turn around’ is a cover version of Aswad’s 1988 song with the exact same name.

  12. shilan

    yes from the very first time i heard the song, the rythm, the sound effects, the short sentences is a copy of ace of base style, that’s why i like this song 😉

  13. Benjamin

    oh thank god i’m not the only one who thought this. I’ve noticed a lot of songs recently that ring familiar but sometimes it’s difficult remembering which song its similar to if you know what i mean xD

    This stuff can drive you insane. You’re sat there racking your brain trying to figure out what song this new song reminds you of.

    Bruno Mars – Grenade, the “yeah yeah yeah” in the chorus has been used before but in what song? and not just the words i mean, the sound with the words. Other bits of the song too but anyway…
    “I would go through all this pain, take a bullet straight through my brain” that bit reminds me of something too. help!?

    email me if u think of it not.for.rl(at)

    1. Keith Post author

      Hey Benjamin, Somebody wrote in that Grenade reminds them of Kylie Minogue – “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”. I’m listening to the “yeah yeah yeah”s and nothing pops into my head at the moment. I’ll let you know if I come across anything.

      1. Benjamin

        Well thanks for having a think anyway 🙂 Sorry this reply is slow. Clearly I should check my email more often xD I still haven’t figured out what it sounds like. I gave that Alecia Keys – What goes around comes around song a go and I can see why it was suggested but that’s not it – you just know when you know, know what I mean? haha

    2. stonergurl18

      its Alicia Keyes “What Goes Around (Karma)” haha & yea i thought that too, i had just listening to Karma at a party the night before i heard Brunos song for the first time

      1. Benjamin

        I youtubed that song and it does have similar sound but it’s just not the song I was thinking of. I just didn’t get that ‘oooooow this is it!’ feeling. Thanks for the suggestion though!

  14. stonergurl18

    i completely disagree. it just sounds like your typical reggae/ska sound. & whats wrong with that? i fucken love reggae. & i mean, if you guys really want me to go down that road, lemme just say that they BOTH ripped off Bob Marley. Which I wouldnt even say, because I dont think they did, I think neither of them meant to “copy” anyone elses beat or sound, i dont think that was theyre intentions. so why not just let it go already?

    1. nique

      Girl STFU! It’s obvious Lady Gaga’s Alejandro was inspired by Ace of Base’s Don’t Turn Around.. If you dont hear it then you are obviously DEAF & DUMB and should avoid music related sites like these in the future. I hate ppl that look up at the sky & try to tell you it’s not blue =/


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