Muse vs. Erasure

UPDATE: See  Muse vs. Erasure vs. Jason Mraz
Here’s a real quickie from Shamsul. Towards the end of Muse‘s epic 2009 “Resistance” anthem is a climactic vocal melody. If I heard this I would’ve definitely thought the same thing – Erasure “A Little Respect”. Have a listen:

Muse - "Resistance" (2009)
Erasure - "A Little Respect" (1998)

And for more Muse on this site:

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Muse vs. Maroon 5
Muse vs. Erasure vs. Jason Mraz
Muse vs. Top Gear (Super NES) 

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5 Replies to “Muse vs. Erasure”

  1. Moses

    I wonder about some of these sometimes. Sometimes things are uncannily similar, and those are so much fun to find. For some though, like this one, they’re just singing the arpeggiation of the chord progression; therefore, if you have the same progression, then, wham-o! You have the same melody.

    1. Keith Post author

      I agree. They’re not all spot on but I found these vocal melodies just jumped out at me and now I can’t hear one without hearing the other.


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