Calvin Harris vs. Chris Brown vs. DJ Sammy

Zeno just brought this to my attention.

Scottish producer Calvin Harris recently accused Chris Brown of lifting his 2009 track “I’m Not Alone”.  Chris Brown’s new single “Yeah 3x” features a nearly identical synth hook.

The Scottish musician said he “choked on [his] cornflakes” when Brown’s new single, Yeah 3x, came on the radio while he was eating breakfast.

After listening to these tracks for a few minutes I’m now reminded of DJ Sammy‘s 2002 dance cover of Bryan Adam’s  “Heaven” (Featuring Do). There’s probably a few hundred more of these out there.

Chris Brown - "Yeah 3X" (2010)

Calvin Harris - "I'm Not Alone" (2009)

DJ Sammy - "Heaven" (2002)

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19 Replies to “Calvin Harris vs. Chris Brown vs. DJ Sammy”

    1. Keith Post author

      Nice Find. Yet another variation of that synth sound and melody. I think I need to write one of these myself.

  1. Melissa

    Sounds VERY similar to Pink’s “Raise Your Glass”…

    “Raise your glass if you are wrong
    In all the right ways” could be sung to that synth riff.

    Brown’s song even has a lyric about raising your glass.

      1. Keith Post author

        I turned on an auto youtube embed for comments but it doesn’t seem to honor the times. I’ll try to fix that. Keep them in there on future posts though.

      1. Mark Adams

        I’ve checked that up and it’s just another one of those interesting mistakes iTunes has made. According to Wikipedia, with many references, Calvin Harris said about Chris Brown in an interview with Australia’s Herald Sun: “Well, he’s never heard of me, that’s the funniest thing. But the producer he’s worked with, DJ Frank E, has definitely heard of me. He’s a respected producer, he’s worked with Tiesto on a few tracks, perhaps that’s where the link is…”. Apparently Calvin Harris was later credited as a co-writer.

        Another one of the interesting mistakes iTunes has made is that it states both the standard and deluxe editions of Green Day Presents american idiot were released in 1998, when the album was originally released in 2004, but both Doublewhiskeycokenoise by Dillinger Four and Conrad by Jets to Brazil were released in ’98. Using the date of a rerelease is understandable, but using a date before the actual release is strange and it can’t be a typo, because all of the digits are wrong. It’s like iTunes is trying to make a point.

  2. Travis

    well heres the original heaven by bryan adams

    tiffany: feelings of forever

    but while on bryan..

    try these out for size


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