Foo Fighters vs. The Donnas


Submitted by Jordan

Have a listen to the intro riff  of Foo Fighters‘ 2003 track “Times Like These” next to The Donnas‘ 2004 rocker “Fall Behind Me”.

Foo Fighters - "Times Like These" (2003)

The Donnas - "Fall Behind Me" (2004)

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8 Replies to “Foo Fighters vs. The Donnas”

  1. Jordan

    It’s great to see this up. I don’t see this similarity anywhere on the internet and it’s always been such a hassle to explain it to people with mp3s.

  2. km9

    I dunno, the guitar sounds similar, but I wouldn’t say it’s a similar riff. The bass sounds the exact same at first, but ends differently. And the drum sounds a bit similar. Can’t quite call it 2 out of 3.

  3. JB

    Yes, it is very similar, Foo Fighters fan for a long time before i heard the Donnas and instantly picked it! Both are great songs, hows a tour with both bands…..imagine that??????


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