R.E.M. vs. Cheap Trick

Submitted by Scott

Maybe there’s a reason why R.E.M. didn’t release “All the Right Friends” until 1993, 10 years after it was recorded. Check out Cheap Trick’s 1979 rocker “Way of the World”.

R.E.M. - "All the Right Friends" (1983)

Cheap Trick - "Way of the World" (1979)

See the updated version of this post:

R.E.M. vs. Cheap Trick vs. Mega Man vs. Journey

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6 Replies to “R.E.M. vs. Cheap Trick”

  1. Ed from Connecticut

    Good catch- I hadn’t heard the similarity before!
    I have one for you- it’s egregious!
    Check out Broken Bell’s song:

    (Ignore the first 1:25 and start it there.)

    What they ripped off, by Missing Persons:

    Yes, indeed….”life is so strange.”

  2. Mike

    The Elec Man theme from the video game Mega Man sounds freakishly similar to both of these. You should check it out.


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